A modern fishing company with long traditions

Hermes is a traditional fishing company which uses modern methods and prioritises quality, safety and the environment.

Supreme quality fish


We aim to be an open organisation. Everyone must be able to follow the raw material all the way, from catch to consumer. We are a traditional and growing shipping company, whose ongoing goal is to run a modern, high-quality fishery. In Hermes we prioritise quality, safety and the environment – in our products, vessels and crews.

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Asgeir Tangen
Åsmund Breivik
Eriel Hagen
Frank Nilsen
Hans Ole Tørhaug
Harald Helge Sørensen
Iver Breivik
Jan Roger Lerbukt
Jens Pauli Solstein
Jon Jespersen
Karl Anton (Kalle) Wassbakk
Leif Niclassen
Mads Håvard Lorentzen
Marius Håvåg Moe
Pål Dalgård
Petur Eli Niclassen
Poul Kjartan Poulsen
Remi Elvebakken
Sunleiv Djurhuus
Sverre Søreide
Thomas Askestad
Tor Larsen
Tordur Martin Vang
Torry Petersen
Wolfgang Skyberg

Meet the staff

A fishing boat is not worth much without a skilled crew. That is exactly why our competent and experienced employees are the very core of our business. Quality is the key to our success.

Meet all the staff

Modern operations, long traditions

It started with Hermes II.

The history of Hermes goes back to 1917, when Nils Skandfer – Colin Archer’s apprentice – built the vessel Hermes II. The boat was immediately put to work fishing and carrying cargo, mainly in Troms and Finnmark, by merchant Ingebrigtsen from Alta. Hermes II was then bought by Martin Andersen in 1952 and his son Jan Arne Lerbukt took over the boat in 1967.

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