Traceability and safety

Full traceability from fishing grounds to market is essential, to ensure that we deliver the quality our customers demand and expect. Our customers are quality conscious and we are too, so we use a detailed tracking system right down to each individual block, which makes it possible to monitor every link in the value chain.

A unique ID on the packaging shows data about content, date of catch, temperature and quality. There is also confirmation that the product has been fished lawfully and that the catch comes from sustainable fish stocks.

In addition to first class raw materials, our modern tracking system is the most important reason for our customers choosing us as a partner.

If production data such as hygiene tests, quality samples and pictures are required, we can make them available to our customers directly, or by direct data transfer.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

In line with the company’s focus on HSE, common safety courses are conducted for all crew members on every shift on board.

Whitefish is a project designed to develop a method for more straightforward and automated calculation of the environmental effect of our fishing, right down to trip and haul level. In connection with this a life cycle analysis of shipping company and vessel is being carried out, which will be very useful for our environmental work.

Parasite is another project in which Hermes is participating. Its aim is to develop a new method and standard for detecting and counting parasites in fish flesh. Thus it will be possible for fish from Hermes to be accompanied by expanded quality data, with reliable quantitative information about parasite content.

Beyond direct involvement in EU projects, the company has contributed funds for research and development through levies and a marketing cooperative.